About Our Center

Mission Statement

• Draw national and global attention to ecological and environmental issues.
• Explore studies and research in new areas of non-existing focus in our communities.
• Use information of concern to educate and create awareness in the society.
• Empower society with state-of-the-art tools for better stewardship of the environment.
• Proffer management solutions to our enduring ecosystem.

Goals & Objectives:
• To focus on scientific research information dissemination to primary and tertiary institutions.
• To create awareness on ecological and environmental issues.
• Encourage the right decision-making of the future.
• Provide updated information supported with continuous scientific research and studies.
• Define early intervention policy through seminars, workshops, and training at local, national, and international levels.

Motto: Exploring New Frontiers

Our Programmes


The research areas include CLTS- Eradiation of Open Defecation, Deforestation and Desertification Mapping, R-ComSAVI- Rural Community Social Assessment Vulnerability Indicator, Integrated Waste Management Study, Indoor-Outdoor Air Quality Assessment, Community Base Health Indicator Assessment, Waste and Waste water management, Groundwater pollution and management, Risk Based Assessment of Pollutant Indicator, Phyto-remediation of Trace Elements and Organic Compounds in soil and water, Application of Natural and Synthetic Zeolite in Remediation of Trace Elements and Organic Compounds in soil and water, Eco-sustainable Thermal Built Environment Initiative and Development, Develop Alternative Energy Initiative, and Research on Climate Change and Global Warming.


• Abridge Bachelor’s Degree Courses

The Abridge bachelor’s degree courses in collaboration with the School of Allied Health and Environmental Science include the following: Environmental Health Science, Community Health Science, Health Information Management Science, and Public Health Sciences.

• Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Programs

In Nov of 2010, the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria, a national agency saddled with the responsibility of enforcing environmental health, sanitation, and safety in Nigeria with a professional membership of over six thousand approached the Director of CEERMS to discuss the possibility of establishing an Environmental Health and Safety B.Sc. degree and Post Graduate Diploma program at Kwara State University. Due to the national manpower need for degree certification in this professional area, the Council thus seeks the establishment of a parallel five (5) years professional B.Sc. EHS degree side-by-side with a 3-year Abridge B.Sc. EHS for Valid and Certified Environmental Health Officers with WAHEB Higher National Diploma. The three EHS programs have been approved and commenced, making KWASU officially the second university in Nigeria to have a BSc degree program in EHS after the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Imo State.

• BSc Abridge EHS

For the 2011/2012 academic session, the Centre was able to admit 45 students to the 300-level BSc Abridge program.

• Collaborations

The Centre has successfully established relationships with related organizations, including the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Environmental Health Officers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORCON), Kwara State Environmental Protection Agency (KWASEPA), Ministry of Women Affairs, and National Orientation Agency.

Training and Certification

News and Events

• O-2EAP Club

• The project involves scheduled visits to selected schools in rural communities in Kwara State and across Nigeria.
• Present audio-visual movies on ecological and environmental issues e.g., global warming, acid rain, waste management, etc.
• Assess the impact of audio-visual education dissemination through the conduct of questionnaires on a continuous basis as a tool for understanding information.
• Establish grass root O-2EAP Club for active promotion of ecological and environmental issues.
• Establish an international global interactive village medium via email exchange and posting pictures on the website.

• O-2EAP Membership

• Membership shall be on subscription-based payment.
• Open to students, academic and non-academic staff of KWASU, and tertiary institutions across Nigeria.
• Members shall enjoy discount ecological and environmental tour trips.
• Members shall be entitled to items such as T-shirts, Golf shirts, wristbands, lapel pins, mugs, etc.
• Assess to news updates, DVD, video, and media information on discounted loan terms.

Our Staff

Prof. Sunday AWE

Director: CEERMS
Email: sunday.awe@kwasu.edu.ng
TEL: +23408035181240


Deputy Director
Email: ismile.yusuf@kwasu.edu.ng
TEL: +2348035787553


Deputy Director

Email: latifatolatinwo01@gmail.com

Dr. Olaniyi Afolabi O

Environmental Health Science

Email: olaniyi.opasola@kwasu.edu.ng

Ms. Olabisi.E AYOOLA

Public Health Science


Mr. Henry Bello A

Health Information Management

Email:aremuhb@gmail.com Tel:+23408067772479

Contact us

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